tours in crete

Walking through this small gorge was such a peaceful and relaxing experience that you should definitely try, if you love to watch the river flow while walking. The flowing water along the trail was so therapeutic! We walked around 1 1/2 hour accompanied by the sound of the river and a few crows!  We are constantly exploring new places around Crete and this one was a pleasant surprise for us!

Hiking on the western cape of Crete will leave you speechless! Gazing the endless blue on blue views and feeling the fresh air in your face, while you walk through wild Cretan landscapes! It is such an amazing feeling! Almost every weekend we spend our time in outdoor adventures. Thankfully Crete is a heaven for outdoor activities. We are blessed with gorgeous weather (almost) all year round, so if it’s not a super rainy and cold day, you’ll probably find us hiking or off-roading all over Crete. Our favourite trails include sea views and mountain landscapes, so as you can imagine we looooved hiking on this cape!

Tours in Crete

Spending a day at this place was a blast! We started our hiking early in the morning, the day was not hot at all, so it was the perfect hike! The path is really easy and distinct, however it is a stone path so you can not walk as fast as you might like. The path begins with the amazing view of the Mediterranean Sea hidden behind the hills. As we were climbing down we start immersing ourselves into the wild Cretan nature.

Could you believe that we get so much snow during winter? I’m guessing not! Very often people ask us: What’s the weather like during winter in Crete? Well, winter in Crete actually doesn’t last long, but is pretty cold and creates the most amazing landscapes.